A Billion + Change: An Overview

The vision of A Billion + Change is to transform business culture so that all companies in America will respond to the needs of their community and unleash the talent and expertise of their people in pro bono and skills-based service.

In less than two years, the campaign inspired the largest commitment of pro bono service in history with more than 500 companies delivering over $2 billion worth of skills-based and pro bono volunteer service to help nonprofits address critical community needs.

2014: The Next Phase

Beginning in 2014, A Billion + Change is calling on companies to “Power the Change” and do even more to harness the power of pro bono.

By 2015, we will:

  • Inspire 5,000 businesses to do pro bono, leveraging their best skills and talent to serve nonprofits
  • Engage companies acting on $5B in pledges of pro bono and skills-based service
  • Recognize the first “Pro Bono Communities” in the US