A Billion + Change is a national campaign transforming business culture so that all companies in America will unleash the talent and expertise of their employees in pro bono service, solving our communities’ greatest challenges. In less than two years, A Billion + Change inspired the largest commitment of pro bono service in history with more than 500 companies delivering over $2 billion worth of skills-based and pro bono volunteer service to help nonprofits address critical community needs.

The campaign was launched in 2008 by the Corporation for National and Community Service, and was reinvigorated in 2011 under the honorary chairmanship of Senator Mark Warner and with generous support and guidance from a Leadership Committee that included Capital One, The Case Foundation, the Corporation for National and Community Service, Deloitte, HP, IBM, and  MWW  As part of the renewed focus, Points of Light’s Corporate Institute assumed oversight and ongoing management of A Billion + Change. By 2013, this engaged group of corporate leaders successfully galvanized the largest commitment of corporate pro bono, celebrating the milestone of recruiting 500 companies to the campaign as well as the mobilization of $2 billion of pledged pro bono service. In 2014, A Billion + Change entered a new phase, calling for even more and better pro bono service by responding to the evolution of the field through the expansion of suite offerings and increasing overall goals. 

By 2015, we will:

  • Inspire thousands of more businesses to do pro bono, leveraging their best skills and talent to serve nonprofits in the U.S. and globally.
  • Train hundreds of companies on the best practices, latest research and innovations in pro bono service, including the creation of a new cadre of trained Pro Bono Champions who are prepared to speak to corporate leaders in their communities about starting a pro bono program.
  • Share hundreds of new pro bono stories online, bringing to life the people and passion of pro bono providers.
  • Lead a collaborative effort of nation intermediaries and pro bono practitioners to develop a benchmark for measuring the impact of pro bono.

Pledge companies enjoy a unique opportunity to be nationally recognized for their commitment to skills-based volunteering and will lead a growing movement in corporate America to mobilize its most valuable asset – talent – to fill critical gaps in community needs. When you pledge for free, you will:

  • Gain the opportunity to share your skills-based volunteer story with your business peers and best practice corporate citizens
  • Have access to networking opportunities to learn about new trends and developments in the field of national service from top decision-makers in policy, industry and civic engagement
  • Receive invitations to campaign events, peer-to-peer mentoring webinars, monthly e-newsletters and regional and national networking and educational events
  • Be able to access free consulting services and vetted resources to support your pledge goals
  • Establish your role as a thought leader in national service through speaking opportunities, media interviews and guest blog posts.

Joining A Billion + Change and taking the pledge is FREE and simple.

Take the pledge now

We will ask pledge companies to report on progress toward their pledge goal and community impact on their one year anniversary with the campaign. For those just getting started, you may simply pledge to create a program and report on your progress.

We will work with academic and social thought leaders, and our own pro bono team of corporate strategists, to develop a relevant, simple and informative survey tool. The primary contact listed for each pledge company will receive a survey invitation to report on their company’s progress.

No, there is no membership fee for joining A Billion + Change! Pledge companies must simply commit to create or expand a skills-based volunteer program.


Our goal is to mobilize billions of dollars’ worth of time to help nonprofits achieve lasting change in society. If companies report employee volunteer work in hours, we will value that at $150/hour. For example, if a company pledges to commit its workforce to performing 1,000 hours of skills-based or pro bono service, its pledge will be valued at $150,000.

A Billion + Change will provide pledge companies with access to best practices, research, webinars, a monthly e-newsletter and invitations to our regional and national special events that will help structure and guide our companies’ volunteer programs. We are also happy to connect you to consultants and services from industry experts to help you meet your pledge.


Every company is different. A Billion + Change is built on an organizational pledge that should be made with the support of leadership who can implement the necessary changes. CEOs frequently drive a commitment to A Billion + Change, working with their HR, CSR or Community Affairs teams and other leadership. Change leaders at all levels within our pledge companies are encouraged to get involved with A Billion + Change by using our resources, joining our webinars and attending our events.

The success of A Billion + Change will be judged not on the dollar value pledged, but on the social value achieved. Success will be the campaign’s ability to mobilize companies to inspire the largest commitment of pro bono service in history.