Why Pro Bono?

Whether it’s lending IT solutions or contributing the expertise of your financial analysts or marketing gurus, skills-based and pro bono service makes a deep and lasting contribution to the communities you serve and the organizations you support. In fact, the value to nonprofits of skilled support for needs such as general operations, technology and professional services can be 500% greater than the value of traditional volunteering.1 Needs and opportunities abound – 92% of nonprofits say they don’t get enough pro bono support.2

By mobilizing your professional talent to build the capacity of non-profit organizations you can increase your business value and community visibility.

“If we are to address the most pressing needs of our communities, the skills and experiences of corporate talent must be part of the equation”
– Carolyn Berkowitz, Capital One Foundation

Companies report the following:


of Fortune 500 human resources managers said volunteering knowledge and expertise to a nonprofit can be an effective way to cultivate business and leadership skills1


have built stronger relationships with community, business and legislative leaders3


believe pro bono has contributed to stronger team development3


notice an increase in brand value3


report skills gains by participating employees3


of skills-based volunteers have higher employee morale than non-volunteers and 13% higher employee morale than “extra-hands” volunteers4

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