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A Billion + Change Inspires Largest Commitment of Pro Bono Service in History

A Billion + Change is delighted to announce a defining milestone -- we have inspired the largest commitment of pro bono service in history! More than 500 companies across the country have committed over $2 billion worth of skills-based volunteer services to help nonprofits address critical community priorities at home and around the world. Michelle Nunn, CEO of Points of Light, announced this on the national stage at "Service Unites," Points of Light's Conference on Volunteering and Service on June 19, where hundreds of the campaign's pledge companies and supporters gathered to celebrate this moment, to reflect on the social and business impact we have accomplished together and to discuss ways we can strengthen the pro bono marketplace in the future.


We couldn’t have done this without you. All of our pledges and partners have played a critical role in the Billion + Change campaign. So, whether your schedule brought you to Washington in June or not, below are takeaways and resources that were shared at the national conference that you can use to inspire, strengthen and scale your skills-based volunteering efforts.

Media and Research

Access resources shared at A Billion + Change's sessions in the Business Track at "Service Unites"


Share your story. Use the suite of communications resources, such as press release and blog templates, web badges, and social media messages in this marketing kit we have created just for this occasion. Download our marketing kit here.

What we heard at "Service Unites"

“The fact that so many organizations have pledged to help nonprofits become stronger, more sustainable organizations through skills-based service is a real testament to the inspired direction of A Billion + Change. This achievement points to a shift in corporate community relations to a more dynamic collaboration model. The next milestone for the campaign is to drive the transformation of business culture to increase the quantity, quality, and impact of pro bono service in the marketplace.”

--Evan Hochberg, national director, Corporate Citizenship, Deloitte Services LP

“Harnessing the expertise of employees to address societal challenges is a big priority for HP. We are proud to be a part of the Billion + Change movement.”

-- Caroline Barlerin, Director of Global Community Engagement, HP Sustainability and Social Innovation

"For progressive corporations, service is now an integral part of business strategy. It benefits nonprofit clients, enhances the attraction and retention of top talent, offers brand and relationship building opportunities and provides critical entrees into new markets – especially in developing economies."

-- Stanley S. Litow, IBM’s Vice President of Corporate Citizenship & Corporate Responsibility and President of the IBM Foundation

"Today’s companies must be places where talented people can earn more than a paycheck and give back to their communities in tangible and meaningful ways.  MWW is proud to matter more through the work that we love to do – offering public relations services that benefit business and better our community by helping both tell stories that scale their capacity. And we are honored to help lead the largest commitment of pro bono service in history by joining forces with organizations and business leaders who are committed to making a lasting and valuable impact on society.”  

--Michael Kempner, CEO MWW


Yours in service,


The Billion + Change team