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Did you know that Billion + Change pledge company, Nielsen, empowers its associates around the world to lead and participate in projects that make an uncommon impact in their communities?

Nielsen leverages its core competencies as a global information and insights company to make an uncommon impact in its communities. Nielsen's Corporate Social Responsibility efforts are two-fold: first, the company encourages its associates to provide skills-based volunteering and hands-on support where they feel they can make a difference; second, Nielsen offers its data, information and insights to nonprofits in key priority areas where they will have the greatest impact.

To hear more about Nielsen's influence and impact in the community, register for our free webinar - Catalyzing Change as a Pro Bono Champion on Tuesday, August 26 at 1pm. Julia Wilson, Manager of Corporate Social Responsibility at Nielsen will be one of the many Billion + Change Pro Bono Champions that will talk about what they are doing to share their pro bono knowledge and stories with others.

Also check out our member spotlight on Nielsen's work with Feeding America to Map the Food Gap through pro bono.

A Billion + Change August 18, 2014