By: Ephlux Insights Posted: October 21, 2014

Nations are emerging. Wage gaps are shortening. Opportunities are growing. But the lack of academic-corporate collaboration means that graduates from all corners have low or no exposure to real market dynamics, problems and solution tools. While the majority complains, a minority sets out to bring change.

Ephlux Insights is a media firm (subsidiary of Ephlux) that interviews business leaders all over the world around customer (acquisition & retention strategy) as well as experience augmentation. Our sustainability model relies on ideas engineered for CPG & retail clients belonging to some of the largest social, digital and mobile marketing agencies in the MENA region. 

Since being founded in January 2014, founding partner Babar Khan, has been actively volunteering his time to Junior Achievement in the MENA region, passing on & teaching idea engineering and customer acquisition strategy to participating college & university students in Pakistan, his home country.

Last quarter, Khan taught "Company Program", a bootstrap B2C course to the graduating batch at KASBIT. Of the 5 highly-decorated volunteer-entrepreneurs teaching the course all over the city of Karachi, Babar's students generated the highest return on investment, earnings per employee, profit margins and repaid all investors.

In the 12 sessions allowed for the "Company Program", the students engineered various B2C business ideas that shared three traits - timeless demand, the ability for the team to create the product and location advantage. KASBIT's location is on Main Shahrah-e-Faisal, the Wall Street of Karachi, and is populated with every type of business such as banks, hotels, brokerage houses, logistics firms and marketing agencies. The students decided on a food business that would exclusively target lunch timings at offices. Using their mentors' contacts and that of his Ephlux Insights colleagues, the students reached out to a multitude of businesses within their reach, communicated their value proposition & offering portfolio, secured contracts and delivered to roaring repeat business.

This was the first endeavor from Junior Achievement in the MENA region (via their local partner INJAZ Pakistan). Various local news media outlets recently picked up the story and discovered that roughly half the students (in the graduating batch of 30 students) had opted for entrepreneurial ventures after this experience instead of the desk jobs they would have otherwise sought out. The story of this endeavor has spread, has brought Junior Achievement to the spotlight for participating in our region and has inspired large scale entrepreneurs all over the nation to volunteer their time in similar programs.

Ephlux Insights has once again demonstrated its ability to engineer winning ideas and has gained the experience to train aspiring B2C entrepreneurs in frameworks that overcome challenges in customer acquisition, retention and experience modelling.