Why it’s great to pledge

The return is well worth the effort—real social change plus business value.


  • 91% of Fortune 500 human resources managers said volunteering knowledge and expertise to a nonprofit can be an effective way to cultivate critical business and leadership skills. Yet, only 16% actually use skills-based volunteering for talent development on a regular basis.1
  • For non-profits and communities the value of skilled support for needs such as general operations, technology and professional services can be 500% greater than the value of traditional volunteering. Skilled volunteers are also 37% more likely than traditional volunteers to report that their work resulted in increasing a nonprofit's reach.2
  • Skilled volunteer engagements could provide valuable experiential learning opportunities that respond to millennials’ voracious appetite for professional development, leadership roles and stimulating and rewarding work.3
  • Companies with highly engaged employees have three times the operating margin and four times the earnings per share of companies with low engagement.4

Take the pledge. Get Results. Lead the Change.

In less than two years, the campaign inspired the largest commitment of pro bono service in history with more than 500 companies delivering over $2 billion worth of skills-based and pro bono volunteer service to help nonprofits address critical community needs.

Beginning in 2014, A Billion + Change is calling on companies to “Power the Change” and do even more to harness the power of pro bono. As a partner company you will pledge to create, increase or expand a pro bono service program over the next two years. Pledging is confidential and structured to bring value to your company. Your pledge will be combined with that of other companies to reach our goal of mobilizing $5 billion in talent pledges to support community organizations.

In turn, A Billion + Change commits to help you meet your pledge:

  • We'll help you share your volunteerism story with your stakeholders around the globe.
  • Through our special events, seminars and teleconferences, you'll learn from top decision makers in policy and industry and have the opportunity to network with peers and thought leaders around the country on maximizing social and business benefit from volunteering.
  • Pledge partners can also access the experience of industry leaders through vetted learning resources including case studies, expert connections and survey data to develop, launch and inspire their programs.

Are you ready to take the pledge?

I'm Ready!

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