Join us and our Pro Bono Collaborative in measuring what matters most – the power and impact of pro bono on your business and on communities at home and around the world.

This short survey includes 30 multiple choice questions and requires limited data collection. Your participation will help your company evaluate, compare and improve the impact of your pro bono service.

Your Impact

Become one of the first companies to find out how your company performs against pro bono best practices. Taking the survey will be a valuable learning experience for your company.

Your Impact

When the initial set of results is released in winter 2014-2015, review your company’s survey responses to the results and see how your company stacks up.

Your Impact

Use the results and survey responses to create a plan to deepen your company’s impact in the community. Visit our resources section for guides and toolkits that will help you get started.


Developed by Points of Light, member organizations and companies of the Billion + Change Pro Bono Collaborative, the 2014 Pro Bono Benchmarking Survey is the first-ever attempt to standardize reporting and understanding of the value that communities and companies achieve when businesses donate their time, skills and expertise to tackle social challenges.

With a vision of articulating a path to integrate volunteering metrics into leading corporate reporting and standards, this first survey is offered as a tool and resource to any company currently participating in pro bono and skilled volunteering, no matter the size or scale of your program. The survey will be the primary tool used by A Billion + Change to describe the work of the thousands of companies that have been inspired to take action since 2011.

The Pro Bono Benchmarking survey is among the many resources offered by A Billion + Change and the Pro Bono Collaborative. Working together, we aim to educate and equip companies with a range of tools, resources and services to expand and improve pro bono and skilled volunteering efforts, and thereby contribute to the long term sustainability of pro bono initiatives through shared research and resource development.


The first set of results will be released this Winter. Email corporateinstitute
for more information on the survey.

Estimated time to complete this survey is 30 minutes or less.


The Pro Bono Collaborative members include national leaders of the pro bono movement. To develop and refine the survey tool, members have shared their measures and methodologies built upon decades of innovation, management and evaluation of the value of pro bono and skilled volunteering for companies, for individuals and for the communities they serve. Leading businesses that have advanced pro bono volunteering, measurement and survey methods have supported the review and refinement of the methodology.


No, the pro bono benchmarking initiative is the first ever attempt to standardize reporting and measure impact of companies who volunteer pro bono and skills based services to organizations.

No, companies will not be ranked or awarded any distinction based on the results of this survey. It is aggregation of data to measure the tools and methodologies companies use to report their skills-based and pro bono volunteering and the impact on communities.

Data will only be reported in aggregate and all company names will be used only with permission of the company.

In contrast to The Civic 50, this survey is intended to dig deeper into the tools and methodologies companies use specifically in regards to their pro bono and skills-based volunteering programs. It measures various elements and their impact on human capital, talent recruitment, communication across the firm, and the social impact on the target non-profit recipient itself. This survey is global and will not rank companies based on their responses.

The highest-ranking official responsible for pro bono services and skills-based volunteering should complete the survey.

The survey is 30 questions and 9 additional addendum questions for data aggregation. The questions vary from free response to multiple choice. While some of these questions may be filled out easily, we anticipate that compiling the data across regions and entities may require a modest investment of time. We recommend initially reading through the survey, then compile the data and later answer all the questions. Estimated completion time is 20-30 minutes.

Yes, the objective of the survey is to analyze and established benchmarks for corporations, both inside and outside the United States. In certain questions, we have asked for you to separate domestic and international statistics, but for a large majority of questions, it’s best that they be combined.

Email [email protected] for all questions and more information on the survey.

All data collected in this survey will be entirely confidential and not released to the public. An aggregation of this data will enable companies to analyze best practices, glean insights and improve their pro bono and skills based volunteering programs at their respective companies. Any information that Points of Light, Billion + Change or the Pro Bono Collaborative wishes to publicly attribute to a specific company will be cleared by the company prior to release.

Many of our questions are related to strategies and processes that companies of all sizes may use. Other questions relate to percentages of a company. We will also segment our data according to company size to create benchmarks for small to large companies.

There are no size requirements for a company to fill out this survey.